Sunday Sundries | Vol. 12

Good morning to you! Here’s your Sunday Sundries: fun and informative reading. Best enjoyed with a pancake breakfast and your favourite tea or coffee. Heck, even yerba mate for any Argentinians out there.

Δ Ever gracious, Paulo Coelho published this concise piece On Writing.

Δ Brazil’s overhaul of their nation’s food guide looks like they know what’s up with nutrition.

Δ 6 Reasons Modern CGI Looks Surprisingly Crappy – yes! Losing our sense of proportional grandeur can be a major temptation.

Δ Anna Kendrick’s Indianna Jones: The Last Crusade parody video.

Δ This Marcus Aurelius quote illustrated by Zen Pencils. Why don’t people talk like this anymore?

Δ This rant in the Coast sums up pretty well how a lot of 20-30somethings in Nova Scotia feel.

Δ 15 of the world’s craziest roads and I want to drive on all of them.

Δ Kludge is a great word.

Δ The Life of a Transgender Kickboxer in Rural Thailand – so, so good!

Δ The amazing news this week that Ireland voted YES to make gay marriage constitutional across the country.

Δ How to Support the Bloggers You Love. Keep us alive!

Δ Hage Life – this adventure photography blogging couple gets around the world like you wouldn’t believe!

Δ I really like this travel writer’s investigation of the two faces of Sri Lanka.

Δ Top 10 Marathons Worth Travelling For – I may be jumping the gun a bit here. I should probably try finishing one marathon first on my homefield before venturing afar.

Δ I’ve been really into Jenny Purr’s website for creatives and creative business owners. Lots of good tips here.

Δ For photographers, a short and sweet video explaining The Rule of Thirds vs. The Golden Ratio.

Δ This handy guide to tea flavours and aroma by tea type is really useful for any future Tea Sommeliers out there.

Δ  This amazing AirBnb place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is only $60/night… check out the rooftop infinity pool with a view you get for that price! Uuuuugh, I would pay that to swim in that pool alone.

Δ Florence and the Machine released a new album earlier this week, Delilah. Take a listen!

That’s it guys. I hope you’re all rested and gearing up for a great week ahead.



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