About Me


My friend Jess is finishing up her degree this year and then heading out west to Vancouver to become a makeup artist. Pretty awesome stuff. These are examples of her work. Thanks to our volunteer models! For more images from the session you can check out the set on Flickr.


“Tadaima” Blue Welcome. ”ただいま” is something you typically say when you come back home at the end of the day. It basically means, “I’m home!”.


Winter’s Dregs (cover sketch)

I don’t it as often as I’d like, but every once in awhile I sit down and draw some comics.

This is a rough cover for a short comic book that I really messily scripted, story-boarded and drew some preliminaries for a couple years ago, and would like to go back to someday and finish. I’ve been thinking while I’m studying and working towards getting into Med school in the next year or so, I might have some time to do it. The story is about a young girl on the autism spectrum who is trying to keep the woods on the edge of her village from scheduled deforestation. There’s a fantastical element to it as well; I think kids would like it (and adults too!)

I pulled it out today because just when it was looking like Spring was going to start, we got another big snowstorm here in Québec, and now it feels once again like Winter is never going to end. 


Adversity Makes a Person

Jess had to undergo surgery late last year that left her with this large, ribbon-like scar on her inner forearm. She wanted to take some photos to commemorate and capture this moment, since she’s now getting out of the woods after all the trouble that led to the surgery in the first place. Luckily, Jess is a badass, and where a vainer person might whine about having a post-op scar, I really admire the way she’s decided to embrace it, rather than wincing away.

We also ate a whole bunch of mac and cheese that my boyfriend made. It was awesome. I loved being home for March break. Only five more weeks left of my undergrad, then back home to Halifax again!

Also: Today is the two-year anniversary of the Tohoku Tsunami in Japan. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan affected by the disaster. Recovery is still happening.


Don’t $@#! With These Monkeys. I recently put these guys up for a mini student art exhibit that coincided with a Theatre festival here at Bishop’s.