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How to Become a Certified Tea Sommelier

Tea sommeliers are the new wine sommeliers. Tea sommelier classes and certification programs are popping up all over the globe as tea drinking enjoys a surge in popularity. Some love tea as a healthy alternative to juice or pop, some love the irresistible dessert blends from David’s Tea.  A tea sommelier is someone whose exper-‘teas’ lies in, you guessed it, tea! Here’s how I became a certified tea sommelier with the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada, and how you can too.

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Downtown Dartmouth, I Love You

Strolling through downtown Dartmouth.
This Valentine’s Day I wanted to share a little bit of love for Dartmouth, specifically downtown Dartmouth where Rob and I live now. It has awesome food, fun festivals, and pretty sights. We love it so much we even had our engagement photos taken at the Alderney Landing Ferry Terminal.

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Tea Events

Toronto Tea Festival Highlights

During the first weekend in February I found myself at the Toronto Tea Festival for the first time. It’s Canada’s largest tea festival and in its sixth year running. Over the weekend I caught up with friends, ate some amazing food, and got properly tea drunk. My duffel bag was ten pounds heavier with tea going through airport security on the way home. “Nothing to see here, officer, just a humble tea addict.” Continue Reading


An Overdue Year in Review for 2017 and Where I’m Going in 2018

Guys. This was a big year for me. So big in fact, that it’s taken me a month to catch my breath and sit down to record it all here.

What Happened in 2017?

My word for 2017 would be ‘overcommitted’ (to everything except Rob—you da best, babe!). In March of last year I started a full-time job as a Content Marketing Manager at an a award-winning creative agency in the travel marketing space. My days (and sometimes nights, weekends, etc.) were filled with an engaging and demanding job.

And while I loved it and am grateful for all the cool opportunities it gave me—like getting to travel to Florida and New York, working with an amazing team, writing like a boss every day, designing campaigns with Medieval Times, Adventurous Kate, Instagram’s Sexiest and Most-Followed Doctor—Dr. Mike, and even meeting a sloth… I always knew my goal was to be working for myself and back on the road again.

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Tea Reviews

Teabook Travel Tea Tumbler Review

As a tea-loving traveler on the road, I’m always looking for better ways to take tea with me on the go. The biggest problems with making portable tea is that most teas become bitter as they sit in water and release tannins over time. Ick, no thanks. Teabook has created a tumbler to solve exactly this problem. Continue Reading