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Teabook Travel Tea Tumbler Review

As a tea-loving traveler on the road, I’m always looking for better ways to take tea with me on the go. The biggest problems with making portable tea is that most teas become bitter as they sit in water and release tannins over time. Ick, no thanks. Teabook has created a tumbler to solve exactly this problem. Continue Reading

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Darkside Love: Details from a Dartmouth Backyard Party Yurt Wedding

Back in August, my live-in breakfast chef of 7 years and I said yes to getting married—to each other, no less. When he popped out of the bushes at my friend’s house almost 8 years ago and offered me a place to live (I was looking for a new apartment at the time, so it wasn’t that weird), who would have guessed that we’d be toasting ‘yes’ to marriage in a yurt some years later with all our best friends gathered.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Documentary Episode: Photographers Without Borders in Bosnia with Project 1948

Last night I came home after drinking at the bar, cuddled up with my husband on the couch, and smiled for about 13 minutes straight as I finally watched the Photographers Without Borders ‘PWB TV’ documentary episode we made in Bosnia and Herzegovina last spring, working with and meeting the young people who are trying to change a country that’s creeping its way to recovery after a brutal civil war and genocide in the early ’90s. Check the video out—I think it speaks for itself.

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Tea Reviews

Environmental Commitment with Arbor Teas

Here’s one I’ve held on to for a while! I received some samples from Arbor Teas in Michigan. They caught my eye not only because of their tea selection, but also their dedication to the environmental production side of tea creation. All industries have waste. Most tea comes in packaging. It was nice to get these purse-sized packets that I could put in my compost, guilt-free.

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